Friday, November 2, 2012

Carpe Anima: Seize life!

This week I;

Went for 3 swims in the sea,
Ran 10km in 62 minutes,
Recieved two parking tickets,
Stopped using snooze and began getting up on the first alarm,
Waxed my legs for the first time ever,
Saw the sun rise twice,
Got sunburnt,
Worked overtime,
Crazy-danced with my friends,
Explored an abandoned college,
Climbed on the roof and got snapped by security at said college,
Spent $80 on second-hand books,
Ate Burger Wisconsin Beef,Mushroom & blue cheese burger,
Went to a 7am prayer meeting,
Flew Jetstar with no delays,
Had my first dental check-up in 7 years,
Paid for a stranger’s bus fare,
Watched a Cook-Island drumming performance,
Went out for breakfast, lunch and dinner,
Maxed my credit card and then paid it off again,
Finally cleaned my dirty running gear out of my sister’s car,
Talked to the trick-or-treaters,
Listened to the wind,