Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Skux and Skuxette: A tribute to Dr Seuss

I've been thinking for some time that skux sounded like a word Dr Seuss would have made up.  According to Urban Dictionary, there is some disagreement over the original usage of this word.  There are claims from Upper Hutt, Newlands College and Rongotai College among others.  Some have even gone so far as to claim that Ma'a Nonu was the original Skux.

Disclaimer:  All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. (ie If the skuxy shoe fits, you'll just have to wear it.)

I like to go walking and look at the sights
I like to go watching in daytime, at night.
I’ve seen many things, I’ve seen colours and patterns
I’ve seen dancers and runners and girls tossing batons
I’ve seen bikers and joggers and walkers and skaters
I’ve seen mums pushing prams and bikes like alligators

But one day while watching
and feeding the ducks
I noticed a new thing
I noticed a skux

He swaggered and
waggled in baggy blue jeans
the crotch down so low
it was bursting the seams.

His i-pod was blasting
with reggae and rap
his long hair was covered
by a black, stickered cap

Now this style of dress
really didn’t make sense
and the way that he walked
was like picking up 50 cents.

But he seemed to be certain
that this was the way
to get girls to look over and
this was his day.

He was skuxxing  and skuxy
he was skuxed, skuxically
It got skuxier and skuxier
Pure Skuxery

I thought he had failed
I was sure, I was certain
I was turning off lights and
pulling the curtain

When round from the corner
Flanked by her posse
With long skinny legs.
and hair shiny and glossy

She sashayed and preened
You’ve guessed it, I bet
Right before my eyes
A shining skuxette!

The skux was all ready,
he swaggered some more.
Skuxette rolled her eyes
as though life was a bore.

She flicked back her hair
cos you know what she wants:
an image of studied
but sweet non-chalance.

He digs it, she digs it
They’re both diggin’ it hard
No surprises what’s next
He played the skux card

It was sweet-talker charming
just what I thought
and she sweet-talkered back,
to cut a long story short –

They swaggered and sashayed
off into the sunset
fingers intertwined, though they’d
only just met.

Sorry if it’s a spoiler
but that’s what you’ll get
If you encounter, while out walking
a Skux and Skuxette.

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