Thursday, June 14, 2012


Today, while I was waiting in line at Wellington airport I saw a New Zealand celebrity.  You have to realise that in New Zealand, celebrity is not really used in the same way as it is elsewhere.  This you will realise when you find out who it was.  I was waiting for an attendant to fetch me a wheelchair so I could bring my aunty in from her car for her flight.  The wheelchair must have been at the furthest end of the airport (or she saw a long lost friend on the way and stopped to chat) because it took aaaages for her to return.  But while I was standing there twiddling my thumbs, kicking my shoes against the counter, playing with my hair, adjusting my beanie, and looking at all the travellers at the check-in kiosks, I saw a familiar face walking toward me.  I held his gaze for a few seconds because I hadn't placed him yet, and I didn't want tobe rude to someone I obviously recognised.  Then I realised it was David Shearer - leader of the Opposition. And I quickly looked away - not because of my political views, but just because I realised that I didn't actually know  him, I just recognised his face from the News at Six.

I sort of watched him out of the corner of my eye.  It's always interesting to see how the rich and famous live.  He went up to the unattended counter next to me and helped himself to some of the red "Fragile' stickers that were sitting on the desk, plastering them all over his box of...well...I'm guessing fragile political objects.  I was thinking of making a joke along the lines of  'They got those red stickers just for you'...I was still working on the wording when I thought: You can't do a PM (Peta-Maria) joke on David Shearer! It's fortunate I didn't too - he may have interpreted it as saying that Labour is fragile, or that his postion as leader is fragile...and then he may have seen red! (Haha, I can use PM jokes on you though!)

He must have noticed that I was kind of staring at him.  I wasn't very subtle - most of my brainpower was directed at thinking about my joke.  Anyway, he also noticed that I'd been waiting for along time for this wheelchair, and so as he strode off to board his flight, he smiled at me and said "Good luck!".

Yeah.  Um.  That's my story.

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  1. Late-night commenter says: David Shearer always seems like a genuinely lovely guy. Next time you see him, please tell him your joke! Although it'll probably never be appropriate ever again.

    On my way back from Auckland to Wellington, Metiria Turei lined up for her flight from the same gate lounge as me. I was trying not to fall asleep (again) on the person next to me and staring at her as I tried to work out who she was. She gave me a puzzled look. Then I flew to Wellington and went to work for her colleague. I hope she doesn't remember me :/ You win!